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Do you have a son or daughter who is a young, budding entrepreneur?

At Bento Kids, we’re all about ENCOURAGING, ENRICHING and EMPOWERING essay+paper+writing+service our youth and as such, have initiated an exceptional Business Kids Program to help promote these promising youngsters. As part of the program, your child will have the opportunity to not only be featured on our website and social media pages but also to sell their products! Bento Kids has been built on the premise of ‘giving back’ and we love that the Business Kids Program is an opportunity to highlight and encourage the youth of today. Keen to know more? Please email our Marketing Specialist ( with a brief summary of your child and their business and we’ll be in touch!

Launching August 2018

Meet Our Business Kids Ambassador – Kai – Kaiko Fidgets

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Kai’s business has taken off since its inception in 2017. Having some learning difficulties, Kai found it really difficult to concentrate at school. Whilst over in NZ, Kai had purchased a fidget toy made of bike chains, but after losing it, and not being able to find anything remotely similar in Australia, he decided to make his own version.

His friends and extended family then all demanded one and his mum Jo, thought that there might be a business in this for young Kai, particularly as making them gave him renewed focus and lifted his moods considerably. Kai’s business is going from strength to strength. He not only sells his fidgets at markets, expos and through his website but now also has a growing list of suppliers who want to stock his product in their stores.

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