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About Bento Kids

Being a single mum for four years to three beautiful girls I found it very expensive to buy the things we need for kids.

So I decided to create a company where prices are LOW and prizes are BIG.

In September 2017 I had enough of my children losing containers on Wednesdays for Nude Food day at school so I went to the local shops and purchased a bento box.

As I went to place the box in the drawer I had an idea. I found Bento Boxes to be way too expensive – for me up to $150 for my three girls without a second tray, so I challenged myself and here I am. For four weeks I researched everything… I didn’t stop until I had worked out the best business model that made Bento Kids a FUN site, and wanted to ensure that I could give back to schools and families in many different ways.

In November 2017 I took the leap of faith, jumped on a plane to China and signed a Sole Distribution Contract for Australia and New Zealand for Bento Boxes.After numerous emails from the manufacturer stating my price must go up to $40 due to an opposition company not impressed with my low price, stock being held and not making it for Jan school sales and then my stock cancelled by the opposition the week it should have been on the plane I took matters into my own hands.

With a great team of Business Advisors, Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Design Engineers and an amazing Manufacturer we developed our own product’s (registration pending) and are now AUSTRALIAN MADE.

Get involved!

Spread the word about bento kids. Get involved in the facebook pages and Instagram (bentokidsaus) and you may see your child on a huge banner, billboard or marketing material!

I would like to see Bento Kids give back as many scholarships as possible, and as many holidays to families – so spread the word as this company was built to give back.